We Develop Amazing Apps for a Fraction of the Cost

We work on volume so we can afford to charge less than other app development companies.

We integrate UI and UX beautifully (see the blueprint to your right) so your app flows well and works flawlessly.

We offer all-in-one boxed solutions.  You tell us what you need, we make it happen.

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Our Latest Creation

Checkout this roadside assistance app we just created in 2017 with a lot of Uber-like traits.

Our Latest Creation

It Just Works

All you want is a solution; a beautifully designed app, that's quick and responsive, and works like it's supposed to. That's exactly what we deliver...at a fraction of the price.

Flawless Design

Our apps are designed beautifully and with precision.  We make sure every pixel counts so your app looks vibrant on the small screen.

Clean Code

Our apps just work.  You’ll never see the back end but we use clean code that keeps your app quick and light so it’s responsive to users.

Timeline Commitment

We give realistic turnaround times and then work as diligently as we can to beat them.  We never rush projects but we always meet our schedule expectations.

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We outperform the competition through hustle, experience, intelligence, and price.

Millionaire Apps is an ultra competitive app development firm that takes pride in destroying the competition on the merits: Our apps look better, they’re coded better, our turnaround is faster, and we charge less.  Our commitment to our clients:

We will align our vision of what you want to your vision. We will charge you a fair price (usually our prices are much less than our competitors). We will get your job done on time. We will use clean code so your app is light and loads quick (bloated code leads to slow, heavy apps). We will design your app beautifully so it has the “wow”, professional look that impresses users.

Our Latest Work

Take a look our greatest Apps!

ASAP Credit Repair Connects Users with Pros to Negotiate with Reporting Agencies on Their Behalf
CrashPad is for Off-Duty Lodging for Flight Crews
JustBeenTested is a HIPAA Compliant Mobile Clinic
EyeSpy With You Scavenger Hunt Game
KYD Rides for Parents Who Want to Know Who’s Driving Their Kids
bTru Background Check and Screening for Dating
we use lightweight code

Reasonably Priced Apps.

We grow our business by providing truly great value to our customers.

Our apps are designed by professionals and look just as attractive as Uber, Tinder, Angry Birds, or any other major app.

We use clean code so even with complex functionality, the app runs light and screens load quickly.

We do all of this at a low price that undercuts the competition. We make up the difference by getting more business off of client referrals.

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Clients Love our Work but Why?

Because we get the job done and we do it right. We don't cut corners and we're upfront and straightforward about how much a project will cost and when you can expect delivery. As you might expect, our customer support is awesome.

Top-Notch Design

Whether you’re building a mobile or web application, our designs are sharp and, the proof is in the pudding, customers love them.

Well Explained Project

Before we start creating, we listen to you.  We find out exactly what you want and then we run everything back so we’re on the same page.

Can't Stop, Won't Stop

We aren’t finished until you’re happy.  This way your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and you can sleep comfortably at night.

Victory is Sweet

Streamling your application to us is an efficient use of resources.  You’ll save time on deciding who to choose and get a great app that plugs right into your business.

User Likes

When your downloads rise, you know you’ve hit the sweet spot.  Your customers are engaged with you and you’re connected with them.

Actual Support

We back our products with fast, responsive, and real support.  Email us, Call us, Message us on Facebook and you’re going to get a real answer from a real person.

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    Barry JohnsonFounder, Millionaire Apps

    "We will not stop until your app is just the way you want it."

We win on price without sacrificing quality.

When you get app estimates from other app development companies, particularly in Austin, you get hit with sticker shock.

$250,000 to build out your new app idea?  Do you get some gold bars when they finish?

We love these types of quotes because that’s what makes choosing us a no-brainer.

We can beat other app companies on price all day because we make our money by having more customers, not by over charging on each customer we get.

Contact barry@millionaireapps.com today about the mobile or web application you would like to build and you will get a reasonable, affordable quote that’s a fraction of the boutique firm prices you were quoted.

Choosing the right app developer shouldn’t be a struggle.

We’re a humble, hard working app development firm that knows customer satisfaction is the only way for us to grow.

Every single client is crucial to our success and our customer service reflects this.

  • We first align our vision with yours so we build the right app.
  • We advise you on the best approach to designing an app based on our extensive experience with mobile apps.
  • We consult with you during the app building process to make sure we’re on track.
  • We strive to beat our quoted turnaround time to make our clients pleasantly surprised.

Contact us today and tell us more about the app you’re going to build.  Hopefully we can be a part of it.

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Affordable App Development

When you hire us, you get a seamless product that works but at a much lower price. We can afford to charge less because we work on volume rather than charging as much as we possibly can.



  • 1 app
  • up to 10 screens
  • 3 months unlimited updates
  • basic functions
  • 2 databases



  • 1 app
  • up to 25 screens
  • 6 months unlimited updates
  • basic plus functions
  • 2 databases



  • 1 app
  • up to 50 screens
  • 1 year unlimited updates
  • premium functions
  • 2 databases

These prices are provided to be transparent and straightforward about our costs.  Please contact us for a custom quote.

Millionaire Apps is an affordable app development firm that serves individuals, businesses, and companies internationally.

We’re based in Austin but we build and design mobile and web applications across the US and Canada as well as other countries. Cities we’ve currently expanded to include Waco, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Chicago, Phoenix, Kansas City, Denver, Des Moines, Philadelphia, and Miami as well as a few other select regions.

We save our clients money because we use the Costco business model of low cost (and low profit margins) + high quality product = satisfied customers who refer us to their friends, family, and other businesses.

Although we make less money on each client, we save money with lower advertising and marketing costs thanks to referrals.

We create high quality apps that perform at the highest levels (loads quickly and no bugs) and look great (our designs are amazing and look professional). Look at our portfolio for demos and screenshots.

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